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Goals for 2010:

Concentration, humour, friendship, ambition, courage, good cheer.

An end to:

Paranoia, timidity, self-pity, evil, resentment.


Je suis une table


Je suis une tableDonald Hall

It has happened suddenly,
by surprise, in an arbor,
or while drinking good coffee,
after speaking, or before,

that I dumbly inhabit
a density; in language,
there is nothing to stop it,
for nothing retains an edge.

Simple ignorance presents,
later, words for a function,
but it is common pretense
of speech, by a convention,

and there is nothing at all
but inner silence, nothing
to relieve on principle
now this intense thickening.

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Being Bilingual

The magnificent Eddie Izzard.


James Taylor, Handy Man



I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

Douglas Adams

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Accent Shifting Syndrome

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Per un lungo fine settimana

Springsteen & Etheridge – Thunder Road


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