Il bello del web


Il 12 marzo BBC Radio 4 manda in onda un’intervista di Kenan Malik con il sempre magnifico (anche se ultimamente un po’ troppo onnipresente) Stephen Fry.

Qui un’anteprima dell’intervista.

Uno stralcio sul perché libri  e web non si escludono a vicenda:

Very often people oddly put books against the internet. Man’s first communication with man, as far as we know, is obviously through the spoken voice and literature was first an oral thing – poetry sprang from groups of men and women around the fire telling each other stories, telling each other fables and myths and explaining the world in different ways and reporting their hunting incidents. It took a very long time for a technology to arise, making impressions on wax tablets and staining papyrus and so on, and then illuminating manuscripts; and eventually, thanks to Gutenberg of course, movable type and print was disseminated at great speed. But it was a technology. And it seems to me that books are a marvellous and absolutely new way in the human race – I mean they’re only five hundred years old, if that – of telling stories. And we love them. I love them. You don’t throw away your books when you buy a computer. You keep both. The beauty of living in the present day is you don’t abandon the past. The past co-exists.

E a chi pensa che, a causa di Internet, nel nostro futuro ci sia solo l’analfabetismo più profondo Fry risponde:

I doubt you can find any sentence describing how human learning has degraded now that isn’t congruent to a similar sentence written at the time of rise of the novel – about how people were no longer reading sermons and classical literature, but were reading novels from subscription libraries instead. The literature at the time in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, describing the contempt that the learned establishment had for the rise of the novel – and then of course later with the rise of the penny dreadfuls and sensational literature as more and more people came to read it – again there was a great cry of despair at how there would be nothing but illiteracy in the world, or at least a kind of refusal or inability to engage in proper, serious study. And we hear the cry again.

Qui fra qualche giorno potete scaricare il podcast della trasmissione.

(Merci Céline)

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