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Dopo aver abitato e girovagato per una decina d’anni nell’Unione Sovietica (o in quello che era rimasto), l’imperdibile Daniel Kalder, tante volte nominato in questo blog, si è ora trasferito in Texas, senza perdere neanche una libbra della vena critica. Oggi nel Guardian scrive a proposito di una nuova legge statunitense che farà la gioia di molti:

Stop. Go and check your bookcases. Are there any children’s books that were published before 1985? Maybe a bit of Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, or even a copy of The Very, Very, Very Long Dog? Well, put on some gloves and remove them immediately, because those things could be lethal. Don’t burn them though – that might release poisons into the air. Don’t bury them either, that could pollute an aquifer. In fact, I’m not sure what you should do. Ah, that’s it! Panic.

You think I’m joking. But apparently the US government believes that these old publications might give children brain damage. You see, prior to 1985, many books were printed with inks and paints that used lead pigments. Last year, following the Chinese “killer toy” scandal, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, imposing strict limits on the amount of lead permitted in anything intended for use by children aged 12 and under, from toys to bikes to books. The law was retroactive and came into force on 10 February, and now – according to Walter Olson, an expert in American legal lunacy – anyone who tries to peddle old books for kids containing lead may be in serious trouble: “Penalties … can include $100,000 fines and prison time, regardless of whether any child is harmed.”

Il resto di questo spassoso articolo lo potete leggere qui.

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