Lezioni quotidiane


Divertentissimo il suggerimento di Barbara Wallraff per imparare le lingue:

Something I’ve always loved about foreign travel is that every product package, shop sign, radio program, and menu is also a language lesson. Just go about your business and the language will teach itself to you. This isn’t so different from the way infants learn to speak. It’s not as systematic as signing up for French 101—but since time out of mind, it has done the job.

Foreign languages, like fancy French cheeses and paella and prosciutto, are increasingly available here at home. For instance, whenever I feed my cat treats—she likes Whiskas, made by the Mars company—the packet offers me a French lesson: “Une gâterie irrésistible au centre mou, croquante à l’extérieur et tout simplement sublime.” (Even in a language one doesn’t speak, marketing hype is unmistakable, no?)

L’articolo è qui.

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1 Response to “Lezioni quotidiane”

  1. 1 langueparole 20 febbraio 2009 alle 2:25 pm

    è il “metodo induttivo”, niente da dire, la wallraff ha assolutamente ragione!



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