Slang – Il nuovo Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang


Henry Hitchings, prolifico autore di libri dedicati all’evoluzione dell’inglese nonché di una fantastica biografia di Samuel Johnson, recensisce il nuovo Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang.

Bellissimo l’inizio:

Slang is language with its sleeves rolled up and its necktie loosened. Or, to quote Jonathon Green, the man Martin Amis once dubbed “Mr Slang”, it is “the language that says ‘no’. No to piety, to religion, to ideology and all its permutations, to honour, nobility, patriotism and their kindred infantilisms. It is forever Falstaff, never the Prince”. It is all those words we wouldn’t utter in a job interview or in front of a maiden aunt. And it is an endless source of pleasure, which explains why dictionaries of slang are so appealing.

In common with music and clothing, slang is subject to the vagaries of fashion. It puzzles us most when old or very recent, and, while antique slang can be satisfactorily covered in a printed volume, fire-new words cannot be. Anyone genuinely interested in getting to grips with the latest usage will today begin his or her search on the internet, and a dictionary of slang, although it may help a reader of Charles Dickens or Georgette Heyer, is a cabinet of curiosities and will tend to double up as a bathroom book or an ornament of the nightstand.

La recensione e alcune delle nuove parole di slang si trovano qui.

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