Qualche tempo fa ho avuto il privilegio di leggere in anteprima alcune delle poesie pubblicate in questo nuovo libro e sono quindi lieta di pubblicare il seguente annuncio.

an exploration in multilingual verse

– selected poems –

Mużajk is an exploration in multilingual verse, a work in progress braiding together the sounds and cadences of different tongues into a fluid rhythm and a coherent stream of thought.

Written mainly in a blend of English, French, Italian, Maltese and Spanish (in no particular order), and later sowing in other languages according to the subject, the mużajki or mosaics journey through a variety of themes, among them the pleasure and futility of living, love unrequited or fulfilled, the beauty of the Mediterranean, the desire for simplicity in an ever-increasingly complicated lifestyle, the absurdity of colonialism and its after-effects, and the at once exhilarating and disorienting feeling of variety itself.

The fifteen mosaics selected for this book show the swift evolution of an at once serious and ludic experiment into a genuine medium for personal, philosophical and planetary expression, allowing the nomadic poet to comfortably listen and respond to voices in different tongues without the pressing need to translate all thoughts, ideas and emotions into a single language.

Mużajk is published by Edizzjoni Skarta, on the occasion of two poetry readings in Sannicandro di Bari (as part of an artistic project directed by Italo-Palestinian musical duo Radiodervish) and in Lecce, Italy. The cover illustration, Gonbidapena, is by international calligrapher Massimo Polello. The book contains a detailed introduction to the Mużajk project, and all poems are accompanied by a translation in English.

Born in London to Maltese parents in 1978, Antoine Cassar grew up and studied between England, Malta, Spain, Italy and France. He is currently completing a doctoral thesis on the origins of the Spanish sonnet. He lives in Luxembourg, where he works as a translator. The first series of Cassar’s mużajki or mosaics appeared in the Maltese anthology Ħbula stirati (Tightropes) in July 2007. A handful of mosaics have also appeared in publications in Italy (Nuovi Argomenti, Absolute Poetry), Kuwait (The Daily Star), Australia (The Chimaera) and the U.S. (The Drunken Boat, Other Voices). In May 2008, Cassar performed at the Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée in Puglia, Italy. In October 2008 he was awarded a ‘Segnalazione’ in the international Premio Nosside. Cassar is due to be a guest at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2009.

Mużajk, an exploration in multilingual verse (€6) is now available at leading bookshops across Malta and Gozo, or can be ordered at (tel. 2137 8576) and delivered to your home at no added cost. For more information, or to listen to a small selection of poems, visit

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