Nuove possibilità letterarie


Lettere, diari, album di fotografie, libri di cucina. Ci manca poco che le case editrici non pubblichino anche la lista della spesa degli scrittori più popolari e, chissà, forse anche le loro email. Con il titolo, ovviamente, di Selected Emails of…:

In a Selected Emails will we get the chance to glimpse some of proclivities and more arcane workings of the writer’s mind? Will the weight of ephemera itself be the thrill as we eavesdrop on conversations we were never meant to hear, as defunct friendships and thwarted love affairs are played out? Will hidden enmities be revealed as we see not only who the writer replied to, but also who they ignored and whose correspondence they sent straight to the trash? Will we learn a little more about them by knowing what they ordered from Ocado or LOVEFiLM that week? Will this profusion of detail help us better understand the people behind the work we love or will our sense of them be irreparably muddied?

And why stop at emails? Will future literary tourists no longer need to travel to the homes of writers, but rather make online pilgrimages to their defunct social networking sites? ”To the left you can see where X posted a comment on Y’s wall … it’s believed they actually DID meet for coffee latter that week … and now to their internet history, which I think you’ll agree puts a completely different complexion on X’s writing”.

L’articolo è di  Adam O’Riordan e potete leggerlo qui nella sua interezza. Come ho già ribadito, ci sono cose che non voglio sapere.

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