Quando lo spettro della crisi si aggira per l’Europa…

… che cosa leggono i tedeschi?

Karl Marx is back. That, at least, is the verdict of publishers and bookshops in Germany who say that his works are flying off the shelves.

The rise in his popularity has of course, been put down to the current economic crisis. “Marx is in fashion again,” said Jörn Schütrumpf, manager of the Berlin publishing house Karl- Dietz which publishes the works of Marx and Engels in German. “We’re seeing a very distinct increase in demand for his books, a demand which we expect to rise even more steeply before the year’s end.”

Most popular is the first volume of his signature work, Das Kapital. According to Schütrumpf, readers are typically “those of a young academic generation, who have come to recognise that the neoliberal promises of happiness have not proved to be true.”

Bookshops around the country are reporting similar findings, saying that sales are up by 300%. (Though the fact that they are not prepared to quote actual figures suggests the sales were never that high).

Lo scrive Kate Connolly, corrispondente a Berlino per il Guardian. E aggiunge un consiglio:

But for those not quite ready to immerse themselves in Marxist theory, Marx’s correspondence to Friedrich Engels at the time of an earlier US economic crisis makes more entertaining reading. “The American Crash is a delight to behold and it’s far from over,” he wrote in 1857, confidently predicting the imminent and complete collapse of Wall Street.

L’articolo completo è qui.

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