Freedom is just another word…

L’imperdibile Germaine Greer parla di musica, arte, architettura e libertà:

Gigantism is a feature of the art of totalitarian regimes, and both these objects are huge in conception, meant both to dominate their environment and intimidate the beholder. The World Trade Centre was built with the same intention; the Freedom Tower now under construction at Ground Zero will be as big. Its cornerstone, laid in July 2004, states that it is being built as “a tribute to the enduring spirit of freedom”, whatever that might be. More than one critic of the design has observed that it testifies more clearly to paranoia and fear than to any sense of freedom. Freedom, it would seem, is anti-monumental in essence.

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1 Response to “Freedom is just another word…”

  1. 1 luigimuzii 7 ottobre 2008 alle 8:06 am

    Grazie per il ricordo di Janis Joplin: non ci avevo ancora pensato. Forse perché insieme ai Dead ce l’ho sempre in macchina.

    Se proprio devo fare un commento, invece di “Me and Bobby McGee”, avrei scelto “Cry Baby” o “Summertime“.

    Dio benedica YouTube.


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