Winterson On Texting

Evidentemente è l’argomento del giorno. Anche la sempre incisiva Jeanette Winterson ne parla nel suo ultimo articolo:

Readers of my previous column will know that I managed to boil my mobile phone thanks to an excess of Right Brain activity brought about by immersing myself in writing a book.
Since that unfortunate event, I moved over into Left Brain for long enough to buy a new phone, possibly quite a male phone, if phones play to gender, and I have become fascinated – and horrified – by the Text Templates. Is this how we live, love, and use language now?

I’m not coming home for dinner. What does that mean, other than what it means? I’m having an affair? I’m leaving you? I’d rather do anything than eat your steak and kidney pie again tonight? The message sender clearly has a home, and someone in it who is doing the cooking, but the peremptoriness suggests that if the marriage isn’t finished yet, it will be soon. If someone sent me that text I would leave the dinner on the back step on top of a copy of Oliver Twist – just to make it clear that there won’t be any More.
I love you. Who is so busy that they cannot write those three necessary words? I love you is always a quotation, and it is the least original thing that any of us can say, but just as it must be often said, it must be sincerely said, and as if for the first time, on a planet new-made from love.

Potete leggere qui il resto. Fra l’altro, il sito contiene altri articoli interessanti e poesie.

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  1. 1 luigimuzii 4 settembre 2008 alle 8:15 am

    Prometto che, al mio ritorno, scriverò un commento per dirti cosa penso di quello che hai scritto.


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