Dello scegliere i libri

Vi fate sedurre da una copertina come questa?

Allora leggete questo:

As much as a quarter of the production cost of a hardback novel, publishers tell us, can go on the jacket – an element of the novel which rarely survives as long as the book itself. […] Jackets are, in many cases, the first visual encounter its potential buyer will have with a book. First impressions are all-imoprtant. Book salesmen typically carry, as their samples, not books but dustjackets and covers. However, while book buyers will make use of such orienting signals as the colour-coding of Penguins, and the livery of ‘classic’ reprint lines, they tend, in my experience, not to notice much how they, the books buyers, are being influenced by external packaging. It is instructive (and fun) to rad this book packaging critically – sceptically, even; to resist, that is, the initial assault on the sensibility. […] The conclusion? If, when you’re buying a book, you feel a tender hand on your genitals, the other hand is probably feeling your wallet.

John Sutherland, How to Read a Novel, pagg 55-57. (Vale la pena leggerlo anche solo per lo stile elegante)

Bookslut dà consigli utili su come scegliere un libro in base alla copertina.

Preferite affidarvi alle recensioni di un critico rinomato?

Leggete con attenzione quello che scrive Alaistair Harper nel Guardian:

I believe there’s a culture in modern newspaper reviews that prevents people writing as they would like. There is a real tendency not to be too rude about anything reviewed in the papers.

[…] The philosophy behind the general deference is understandable. Most writers, especially new fiction writers, make little enough as it is. The last thing they need is their effort, one of the lucky few actually to receive the tribute of a few words in a national paper, to be panned to an early grave in a pulping mill. The answer to this isn’t to run to the internet and read an Amazon review that declares a book deserved one star because they didn’t like the font on the cover.

Reading is a personal act. It’s rare for friends to share the same bag of favourite authors; and, indeed, it would be depressing if they did so. Part of loving books is wandering shops or libraries, reading the anecdotes of other writers on books that changed their world, stalking the bookshelves of friends when they’re looking the other way, and finally coming back home, opening the book and finding it a piece of trash. Or, as the case may be, a treasure.

Vi affidate al caso? Whichbook o What Should I Read Next vi porteranno sicuramente fuori strada.

O leggete fedelmente uno scrittore, nel bene e nel male? In tal caso, preparatevi: l’ultimo libro di Paul Auster, presentato in anteprima due giorni fa ad Amsterdam, è ancora più cheesy del solito. Parola della sottoscritta.

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2 Responses to “Dello scegliere i libri”

  1. 1 luigimuzii 12 giugno 2008 alle 6:15 pm

    Twiggy mi farebbe scegliere anche un libro di Vespa.

    No, ripensandoci, forse quello no.

  2. 2 poetaselvaggio 13 giugno 2008 alle 11:05 am

    La copertina mi impressiona, ma spesso al contrario. Detesto per esempio che i libri hanno come copertina una scena tratta dal film tratto dal libro.
    Nelle recensioni britannico-americane mi divertono (e mi stufano) l’aggettivazione, l’uso degli avverbi, quasi che per un certo genere di libri sia obbligatorio scrivere: delightfully observant nostalgia; chuckle-on-the-bus readable; unputdownable; wonderfully contagious; superbly realised; intricately plotted, compulsively readable; extraordinarily fresh; wildly exuberant… hysterically funny and gravely serious; rich , inventive, profoundly challenging; serious, funny yet achingly heartbreaking; genuinely gripping, consistently entertaining, dazingly imaginative; marvellously inventive.
    O forse sono io che compro libri con queste recensioni? Quiz: tutte queste espressioni si riferiscono a libri contemporanei, ma una a The Pilgrim’s Progress, quale?


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