La situazione attuale: il mio test sul FOUNDATION Fieldbus (si veda sopra) non avanza, MB è alla ricerca di notizie su una sindrome sconosciuta dal nome gotico, e la copydimare sta cavalcando un’onda di creatività.

Detto questo, ecco i link degni di nota per i prossimi giorni (sicuramente fino a lunedì).

Trent’anni di libri della casa editrice Virago Books. Una bellissima storia, che comincia così:

The Virago Modern Classics really began in a convent over 60 years ago. It was the sort of Catholic convent that should have been in deepest Ireland, but was, in fact, in one of the more elegant suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. There I was sent when I was eight, and from it I was disgorged at 16. The Loreto nuns who educated me were semi-enclosed, which meant no speech from dusk to dawn, Mass every morning at 6.20am, a tomato for supper on Sunday nights and much Irish brown bread the rest of the time. Rules, censorship and silence, and above all a sense of disapproval waiting to pounce on those rare times when you felt most entirely yourself. And an obsession with sin. What sort of sin? Answers came there none.

Un’altra casa editrice, Faber Finds, invita scrittori e autori a proporre titoli ormai difficilmente reperibili.

There can be little more disheartening for an avid reader than to discover that a favourite book has gone out of print, or a much-admired author’s work has become completely unavailable. Faber Finds is a groundbreaking new imprint whose aim is to restore to print for future generations a wealth of lost classics.

Il primo elenco contiene già 100 bei titoli.

Gadget degno di James Bond: una smartpen tutto fare:

Inside a sleek, anodized aluminum barrel, the Pulse stashes a camera, a microphone and a surprisingly loud speaker. It also has a bright black-and-white screen (18 by 98 pixels) that displays messages, menu commands and even cramped little animations. There’s a nonremovable, rechargeable battery (10 hours per charge), a headphone jack and contacts for a USB charging cradle.

Le disavventure di Helen DeWitt alle prese con la punteggiatura. E un motivo in più per non sopportare Cormac McCarthy.

McCarthy is laconic, with a deep voice. He’s impressive. This is someone who had no doubt that he had improved on Swift by fixing the punctuation — and in some cases rewriting sentences to accommodate the improvement. He’s been lucky, though, because he never came up against an editor or a production manager or a copy-editor who decided his own texts were not fit to be seen.

Audio: come l’ebraico è diventato una lingua moderna.

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