Winterson on Hughes


La serie Great Poets del Guardian si conclude con giustizia poetica. Dopo Sylvia Plath presentata da Margaret Drabble, tocca a Ted Hughes, di cui scrive Jeannette Winterson.

Indipendentemente dalle vicende matrimoniali della coppia Plath-Hughes (sinceramente non ho mai capito chi fosse l’oppresso e chi l’oppressore), è difficile rimanere indifferenti ai versi di Hughes.

Hughes is a vigorous poet and the muscle of his language lifts the ordinary or overlooked experience, turns it about, holds it up to the light, carries it for us, then gently puts it down where we won’t forget it. Getting up before dawn, staying up long after dark, (common features of his poetry), he stands witness to what the functional, clock-driven world is too busy or too asleep to notice.

La poesia di Ted Hughes che vi propongo si intitola A modest proposal

There is no better way to know us
Than as two wolves, come separately to a wood.
Now neither’s able to sleep – even at a distance
Distracted by the soft competing pulse
Of the other; nor able to hunt – at every step
Looking backwards and sideways, warying to listen
For the other’s slavering rush. Neither can make die
The painful burning of the coal in its heart
Till the other’s body and the whole wood is its own.
Then it might sob contentment toward the moon.

Each in a thicket, rage hoarse in its labouring
Chest after a skirmish, licks the rents in its hide,
Eyes brighter than is natural under the leaves
(Where the wren, peeping round a leaf, shrieks out
To see a chink so terrifyingly open
Onto the red smelting of hatred) as each
Pictures a mad final satisfaction.

Suddenly they duck and peer.
And there rides by
The great lord from hunting. His embroidered
Cloak floats, the tail of his horse pours,
And at his stirrup the two great-eyed greyhounds
That day after day bring down the towering stag
Leap like one, making delighted sounds.

Per chi vuole qualche cosa di più, c’è la Ted Hughes Homepage, con poesie, articoli e saggi. Su trovate un’intervista con Hughes. Da non perdere.

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