Conosciamo tutti i Bushisms, ovvero le affermazioni sconclusionate di George W. Bush. D’altro canto pare che Vladimir Putin non voglia essere da meno, con le sue espressioni (путинки) campagnole e volgari, a volte addirittura oscene.

On the folksy side, we have this comment about continuing to work after his term as president ends: Конечно, можно, как у нас в некоторых местах говорили, “Шило в стенку — и на боковую залечь.” Думаю, что рановато. This translates literally as: Of course I could, as people used to say in some parts of Russia, “Stick my awl in the wall and lie down on my side.” But I think it is a bit early for that.

The expression Шило в стенку — и на боковую залечь is definitely obscure. Most specialists think it’s a shoemaker’s expression, but the guy in my local shoe-repair shop had never heard of it — although he was terribly flattered to be consulted on matters of state and translation. The image is a cobbler who finishes his work, sticks his awl into a piece of wood (so he doesn’t lose it or sit on it) and then curls up to go to sleep. Since we English-speakers like our folk sayings to have a bit of alliteration, I’d translate it as: hang up my hammer and hit the hay.

Potere leggere il resto in A Rich Blend of Folksy and Foul Putinisms, di Michele A. Berdy.

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